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Friday, September 09, 2005

Great Intentions...

Today's Times Argus is running an article about Vermont ski resorts offering jobs to Katrina victims. On the surface that's great, but how logical is that? My wife had a hard enough time transitioning from a Georgia upbringing, but the Gulf Coast! New Orleans' average high temperature in its coldest month is 62 degrees, versus 26 degrees in Warren, VT (not to mention if that person was working a lift). I'm curious how many people will take the industry up on the offer. According to the article Massachusetts was prepared to accept 2,500 displaced people but cancelled the effort because few people wanted to relocate there. I don't think a ski mountain can be any more attractive.

And on another interesting Katrina note (this should be my last), major rewrites are needed for Die Hard 4: When Nature Calls. The original script had John Mclaine dealing with tidal waves in New Orleans. Good thing it wasn't into production or it would be scary telling (just like this National Geographic article from October, 2004).


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