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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Sixfifteens

Did you hear the one about the indie rock group whose members consist of an asian, a black, a jew, and a w.a.s.p.? No it isn't an intro to a joke and they aren't a Disney product. They are The Sixfifteens.

Hailing from Saratoga Springs, NY, this 4 piece plays indie rock filled with power, catchy lyrics, and a distinct style. The core can be traced back to a previous Saratoga outfit, Dryer. Dryer was a relatively successful poppy rock outfit consisting of drums, guitar, and bass. Two of the members took their guitars (Bob Carlton) and drums (Joel Libby) and set out to create something more experiential and loud. When one meets Jeff Fox, experiential and loud aren't a bad description. Jeff brought to this new outfit song writing prowess, an appreciation for the obscure, a basement studio, and a desire to become a rock star. The group's bass playing duties have been shared by Matt Bombard (formerly of Gohbi) and Dan Triller (Clam of God).

This summer saw the release of Feature, Conference, Transfer, the bands debut full length. At times their sound can have the power pop simplicity of Sloan or Supergrass, while at other times be complex and reminiscent of Braid or Sonic Youth. No matter how it's cut, the Sixfifteens are a powerful and fun indie rock treat.

This Thursday finds the Sixfifteens opening for the Death Cab for Cutie like sounds of Jim Yoshi Pile Up (label mates of the scary Goblin Cock) at Bennington College's Downcaf.

The Sixfifteens at Myspace
Jim Yoshi Pile Up - Silver Sparkler.mp3
Jim Yoshi Pile Up - A Deep Deep Lake.mp3
Jim Yoshi Pile Up - Haunted Rooms.mp3


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