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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Phish at the Vermont Statehouse

Despite starting to look like a hippie/jam blog, I give you this nugget of information:

Jon Fishman, the vacuum cleaner soloing-dress wearing-drummer from Phish, will be playing with Alexander's Goodtime Band at the Vermont Statehouse. The free event, which will take place in the House Chamber on Wednesday, January 18th at 7pm, is part of the weekly Farmers' Night Concert Series that are held throughout the legislative session. Although it may seem strange to have a member of one of the largest jam bands of all time hanging at the Statehouse, Fishman has turned into quite the environmental activist (ala Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's True Majority Action). Since the demise of Phish, Fishman has become a vocal board member for the New England Coalition and the Vermont Public Interest Research Group. I'm curious to see how the politics and music mix next Wednesday. Can't wait to people watch.

Alexander's Goodtime Band - Let Us Try Again.mp3
Alexander's Goodtime Band - Dancing All The Time.mp3


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