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Friday, September 09, 2005


Sigur Ros has always intrigued me. Beautiful no doubt, but at times the sound and concept is too much. It's the same as Cornelius' Fantasma, perfect for certain circumstances. A niche sound that fits very specific situations, it fits them like a glove. It worked for Vanilla Sky. It's worked wonders during long flights gazing through plastic windows. This all makes sense given the fact that they are Icelandic (a place that I've never visited, but nearly purchased a ticket 3 years ago given the crazy shoulder season travel deals). In my mind Iceland and Sigur Ros are the same thing; intertwined and one in the same (the real question is what sound can do that for the USofA?). I've enjoyed owning Ágætis Byrjun (Good Start), but it doesn't get played enough. Maybe the fact that I haven't been needing a melodramatic soundtrack is a good thing, but the Sigur Ros sound is something that I do long for.

Well that's been corrected. Starting today Myspace is hosting Sigur Ros' entire new record for stream. Takk is slated for release next week, perfect timing for making it the soundtrack to the ensuing stick season.

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