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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Just made it back from 6 days in the arid land that they call "Coloraaado" and boy are my hands cracked, my body exhausted, and my spirit soaring. I started the trip by catching Broken Social Scene at the Boulder Theater (more on that to come). Spent many hours walking through downtown Denver (with it's Clair's Boutique, Gap, PacSun, Johnny Rockets, etc. it seemed too much like every mall I've ever been in) listening to tunes through my new super cheap mp3 player. After all the necessary work stuff I cruised up to Boulder for the weekend. Spent my time under the roof of four atmospheric scientists and amongst piles of vinyl and three kegerators. The nights were short but the days a blast. Watched a great film, became the reigning disc golf champ, listened to Dylan’s first radio appearance 4 times, and crashed on a coach. Being in the recreation gateway to the Rockies, decided to go mtn biking. The 4 hour ride tested my endurance, as I maneuvered around cows, rode a kickstand equipped bike into a constant 30 mph headwind, and dealt with lungs that couldn't cut being "mile high." It’s been a long time since I’ve been so care free. It surely was a good time, but I'm glad to be back with my family in the comfort of my routine. Can’t wait for my bed.
Welcome to Colorado

40 foot tall carnivore wishing it was King Kong outside the Denver Convention Center
Binary equation found scrawled on insulation at a construction site
Life after football

"Open Space" in Boulder Eldorado Canyon (view from terminus of the bike/hike)

Colorado = Sunshine = Shadows


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