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Monday, January 23, 2006

Karma. You got to love it.

As noted last week, the indie rock levy recently broke in Central Vermont. We have been free of good (or any) acts for months and then Ok Go w/ Apollo Sunshine & Controller Controller are scheduled to play at Higher Ground this Wednesday followed by The Walkmen w/ Mazarin & Lobot the following night. Being a responsible parent/husband, I decided to choose between the two, but have struggled with the decision for over a week.

Friday afternoon, while in the midst of deciding which would be the best show, I receive this email: CONGRATULATIONS! You have won a pair of tickets to see The Walkmen with Mazarin, and Lobot on January 26 at Higher Ground.

Jeezum Crow! The contest is part of Seven Days' Hot Ticket promotion where they highlight an upcoming act and give away a pair of tickets.

I guess that answers my question. I look forward to posting pictures and a review. I'm still in shock.

Suggestions on how best to keep the good karma going?

The Walkmen - Wake Up.mp3
The Walkmen - We've Been Had.mp3
The Walkmen - The Auld Triangle.mp3 (Live in Harvard Square - April 2005)


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