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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Elliott Smith Tribute

The late Elliott Smith was one of the better singer songwriters that the indie scene has ever known. To: Elliott From: Portland was released two days ago with a host of great tributes from Portland area bands. Ten percent of the net proceeds of this tribute album will be donated to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund's charity, “Free Arts for Abused Children.”

Track List:

  1. Clementine - The Decemberists
  2. Satellite - The Helio Sequence
  3. The Biggest Lie - Dolorean
  4. Ballad Of Big Nothing - Eric Matthews
  5. I Didn't Understand - Swords
  6. Rose Parade - Sexton Blake
  7. Between The Bars - Amelia
  8. Needle In The Hay - Eric Matthews
  9. Division Day - We Are Telephone
  10. Angeles - Crosstide
  11. Wouldn't Mama Be Proud - Jeff Trott
  12. Speed Trials - Knock-Knock
  13. King's Crossing - To Live & Die In L.A.
  14. Happiness - Lifesavas
  15. High Times (Previously Unreleased Track) - Sean Croghan

For Mp3's check out My Yellow Country Teeth, In House with Jeremy Peterson, & Trees Lounge

Purchase from Insound


  • At 8:08 PM, Blogger Isaac said…

    Hey jds, can you tell me anything abut a 21 year old folk singer/blues guitarist out of Mass. named Willie Mason. I found the lyrics to his song, Oxygen, which I really like. Haven't been able to find a track to listen to. Tell me what you know.

  • At 1:21 AM, Blogger Robert said…

    Issac -- Willy Mason put out an AWESOME ep and then fell off the radar. Oxygen was a killer song. Then like 2 years later his ep came out and it was mediocre.

    Also -- I found this blog by checking my referals to my site. It's pretty rude to direct link to songs without asking (even if you do give credit.)

  • At 11:28 AM, Anonymous tixie said…

    Hey -

    Have you heard the whole CD - worth shelling out the case?

    Have a great week!


  • At 11:29 AM, Anonymous tixie said…

    I meant "cash" - yea, not awake on a monday...

  • At 11:39 AM, Blogger jds said…

    I haven't heard the whole thing. Tributes are usually a weird thing for me. I don't know of a single tribute album where I like all the tracks and find it worthy of having the whole disc. Given that I'm super tight on cash right now it probably won't get purchased. But who knows, I might be walking around the record shop and end up putting it on the counter. It's been known to happen.

    Take it with a grain of salt, but Pitchfork gave it a respectable 7.2.


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