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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Danielson UPDATE

Danielson's sixth and most accessible album to date, Ships, hits the shelves on May 9. Danielson (who can also be found under the monikers Danielson Famile, Daniel C. Smith, Bro. Danielson, Danielsonship, and Tri-Danielson) is part of the Sounds Familyre collection of artists (Half-Handed Cloud, Sufjan Stevens, Sereena-Maneesh, etc). What started out 10 years ago as a senior thesis project while finishing art school has grown into a group that has created multiple concept albums (Alpha, Omega, and Brother is to Son) and a reputation for wild "heart on sleeve" stage shows filled with uniforms and even the occasional nine-foot tall fruit tree costume (remember, art school).

For those who like Sufjan's quirky preciousness, but want something a bit more arty (and even more Christian), then Danielson's your man and Ships is your disc.

BTW, SXSW saw the debut of the group's documentary, Danielson: A Family Movie (or, Make a Joyful Noise Here). Click here for a preview (in .mov)

Pre-order Ships directly from Sounds Familyre

UPDATE: Danielson will be playing Higher Ground on July 21 with openers Phantom Buffalo! I'll freak if they give away ice cream and have a reading of Jane Jacobs' work while Glory of Love is playing in the background.

Danielson - Two Sitting Ducks.m4a
Danielson - Did I Step on Your Trumpet.m4a


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