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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Aberdeen City coming to Vermont

Boston based Aberdeen City will be performing on June 25th at Murder by Death and Langhorne Slim. I came across AC last summer via the fantastic Bradley's Almanac. I guess it's a bit modern rock, like a sellable product from the Williamsburg Interpol Cloning Factory that was so busy a few years ago, but I enjoy them none-the-less.

This is what Indie Workshop had to say about their 2005 debut The Freezing Atlantic (which will be re-released August 8th by Sony):

The band has an uncanny knack for finding the right moments of sheer orgasmic, melodic release amid a bed of lyrical and musical tension that occasionally sounds so claustrophobic, it's like you're afraid to breathe. Normally I would hesitate to describe a band's songs as "anthemic," but in the case of The Freezing Atlantic, I use that word in the most complimentary light possible. These are songs on a grand scale, crafted yet still retaining a visceral element that keeps the album and the listener alike on edge.

Purchase The Freezing Atlantic for $10

Aberdeen City at MySpace

Four song in-studio performance at WOXY - 11.11.05


  • At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wild -- small world -- KH played with AC a few years ago at AS220 in Providence, RI. A little bit of a mismatched evening, but they sounded really good. xxx, Matthew


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