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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sharron Van Etten/The Hero Cycle/Fire the Cannons - May 19 - Montpelier, VT

Friday, May 19th saw the first true indie rock show at Montpelier's Positive Pie II. Unless they are able to work out the sound, it may be the last. The bands played well and the crowd was excited and un-characteristically "hip" (topping at nearly 150 for The Hero Cycle), but the harshness of the sound and bad mix made the show fairly difficult for all parties involved. Flatlander at False45th has a much more detailed and well written review of the evening then I could put down. I agree with his assessment. Despite the difficulties it was fun and I look forward to seeing The Hero Cycle in the future. I'd like Positive Pie II to give it another try, but I'm afraid that their space will only be useful for hosting the booming bass of hip hop and reggae.

More pictures are available at Flickr.


  • At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Sarah said…

    Positive Pie II serves great food and knows about great bands, but they don't know anything about making their acts sound good. Notice the brick wall right behind the band? There's also the cement wall that faces the stage. I encourage anyone who goes there regularly for the shows (or to eat) to pester the management until they do something about the crappy acoustics.


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