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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Devotchka/Norfolk & Western coming to Higher Ground

Indie gimmickry that's greater then the sum of its parts:

Devotchka/Norfolk & Western - June 26 - Higher Ground

Denver based Devotchka is a big band with a big appetite (name inspired by my most unfavorite movie of all time: A Clockwork Orange). They flawlessly perform Eastern Eurpean soundscapes with more emotion then an Olympian losing the gold. I saw them open for M Ward at Higher Ground last April in front of a handful of people. Disgrace. Hopefully the recent Beirut references will pull out more folks. They are plenty deserving and put on a great show. As much influenced by Modest Mouse and Ennio Morricone as gypsy rock.

Norfolk & Western are on of my favorite "period" group. They have a vintage folk feel but are unafraid to bring the rock. The latest N&W release, A Gilded Age (available for $9!), keeps the beats solid, the banjos picking, and the harmonies sweet. N&W's lead singing through a Victrola Grammaphone, like Devotchka's gypsy rock, may seem a bit gimmicky, but it works. Just make sure you check your preconceived notions at the door.

Norfolk & Western

Devotchka - How it Ends.mp3
Devotchka -
We're Leaving.mp3
Norfolk & Western -
A Guilded Age.mp3
Norfolk & Western -
Porch Destruction.mp3


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