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Friday, July 07, 2006

Going Down the Crooked Road

Going Down the Crooked Road is a fantastic website that chronicles the adventures of three individuals trekking the Virginia Heritage Music Trail, a series of linked roadways that traverse a 250-mile course deep in Southwest Virginia. The trail is a tourism initiative created to spotlight the area's mountain music traditions and history. The site includes interesting interviews, recordings, podcasts, photographs, and even recipes that highlight not only the past but also the current status of a culture that's consumed by music.

Perhaps I find this especially intriguing given that I used to frequent Floyd's Friday Night Jamboree. It was a melting pot of old timers, hippies, and suburban college kids, but the music, dancing, and toothless smiles were as real and genuine as any situation I've ever experienced. It's great to see a multimedia website that so accurately portrays the experience.

Make sure you click on the Multimedia Experience box.


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