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Friday, September 23, 2005

Ok Go KO'd

OK Go's latest, Oh No, was crafted by the hand (of Tore Johansson) that created the hits by Franz Ferdinand and everyone's favourite Cardigans. This self proclaimed "fun band" plays summery music which conjures up memories of jamming That Dog's Retreat from the Sun songs and drinking Capri Sun on my parent's suburban porch. But Pitchfork isn't too kind to that warm-fuzzy imagery, as they rated OK Go's latest release an abysmal 2.2. 2.2! That puts them in the cellar BELOW the Pitchfork hated Ryan Adams (even though everyone agrees Heartbreaker is amazing, his 2003 Rock N Roll received a 2.9).

I haven't listened to enough Oh No to give it a fair and honest shake, but I do know that their home-made video for "A Million Ways" is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. The foursome perform an amazingly choreographed dance routine that blows away both Michael Jackson's Beat It fight scene and Paula Abdul's dance sequence in her video for Straight Up. It's hard to believe that they did the video in one take. That's a whole lot of practice.

Check their dancing skills at Higher Ground on November 3rd.

Ok GO - A Million Ways.mov


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