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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

BIG Thanksgiving Celebration

This came in the local coupon book. I had to look at it a handful of times before I realized what it was saying. It's black and white, but I couldn't believe it. Written right there: 10 FREE TURKEYS with the purchase of a car! Beyond the fact that that's a crazy number of dinners, what if someone was to purchase a small convertable? Will Sherman's deliver the turkeys? I'd love to see someone leaving the lot with a vehicle stuffed to the gills with frozen (I hope) turkeys. But what makes me think they are ready to be cooked. Perhaps they're alive? 10 turkeys gobbling and pecking at you as you try to drive away! Only in Vermont. Or Minnesota.

Here's an amazing classic PSA from the USDA with Sal and Arnie (many thanks to Mac's Museum of Carboard and Oddity Records):

US Department of Agriculture - Turkey Time.mp3