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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Win the Couch!

The Daily Show couch has been a fixture of tv's most entertaining/educational show for many years. It's served as a place of rest for world leaders, authors, and comedians alike. A set redesign (as a result of the show moving to a studio across town) made the couch a thing of the past. A blog was created, Bring Back the Couch, and panties were printed, but the protesting fell on deaf ears. Jon Stewart mentioned during one episode that "the couch...died". That was it, right? Wrong.

The couch is alive and if you're lucky it could swollow your change, crumbs and socks! This week Comedy Central released the Win the Daily Show Couch Sweepstakes. In addition to the couch, the lucky winner gets 2 tickets to a taping of the show, a flight to New York, hotel, and $1000 bucks. The deadline is Monday. The winner will be chosen a week later.

So go take a stab at it and see if you get to put your name and those of your friends next to Michael Stipe, Chris Elliott & Henry Kissinger. And if you don't win the big one, a 100 others get a $75 Chili's gift card. That's a lot of Awesome Blossom.

Guided By Voices - Their Biggest Win.mp3 (from the new 4-cd set Suitcase 2 - American Superdream Wow)


  • At 8:55 AM, Blogger Dewey said…

    cool. I signed up. I also started a blog. Just in time too as my other site was closing down.


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