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Thursday, February 09, 2006


This is better than Christmas. Built to Spill are touring the country in support of their first album since 2001's brilliant Ancient Melodies of the Future, entitled You in Reverse. Based on what I've heard on their Myspace page it looks to be more of the fantastic same.

Built to Spill w/Helveta - April 30 - Higher Ground

I won't be surprised if this one sells out, so get yours quick (on sale Thursday the 16th)! In addition to picking tickets up through the venue or its certified outlets, you can get Built to Spill pre-sale tickets at reduced service fees via their website's new Ticket Page (I just checked and this option appears to be more expensive for the Higher Ground show, although it probably provides an advantage for venues in larger locales).

Word on the street is that the new album includes organ by Sam Coomes of Quasi (whose own new record will be coming out March 21, called When the Going Gets Dark). The track listing for You in Reverse is as follows:

1. Goin' Against Your Mind
2. Traces
3. Liar
4. Saturday
5. Wherever You Go
6. Conventional Wisdom
7. Gone
8. Mess With Time
9. Just A Habit
10. The Wait

Spin Article on You in Reverse


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