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Monday, February 13, 2006

Portishead Remixed

UK's Hearing Double has just made available for free download a remix of Portishead's trip-hop classic album Dummy, but are requesting donations be made to the poverty fighting Oxfam. The rework of the always-elusive band's seminal 11 cut album looks like this:

Portishead Remixed - Dumb
1. Mysterons - JoolsMF
2. Sour Spit - Rolo
3. Stranters (DJ Matt Hite Remix) - DJ Matt Hite
4. It Could Be Real - Pheugoo
5. I Chill (ft. Katie Enlow) - Lenlow
6. It's a Con - Pilchard
7. Thriftshop's Numb - Thriftshop XL
8. Roads (CompactRisk's Hard Shoulder Remix) - CompactRisk
9. Pedestal (Solcofn's Dark Matter Mid fd. Katie Enlow) - Solcofn
10. Biscuit (Toy Mix) - Ektopic Beats
11. Glory Box (Alex C Adventure)- Alex C

I Chill and its mixed in Radiohead is currently my favorite. They aren't all great (ie: It Could Be Real by Pheugoo), but it's great to hear a different take on something that I've come to know so thoroughly. And by the way, Portishead is supposedly working on their third album.

Again, please make donations to Oxfam, or purchase the original album.


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