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Thursday, October 05, 2006


The most detailed report identifying global warming affects in the Northeast was released yesterday by the Union of Concerned Scientists.
The Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment is the result of two years using multiple state-of-the-art climate models and weather records to project likely climate changes from New Jersey and Pennsylvania up to Maine through 2099. Some of the most impactful statements in the report illustrate how the environments of individual states are predicted to be impacted by current development trends; ie: New Hampshire's climate will be more like that of South Carolina by the end of the century; with lower greenhouse emissions, it would be like North Carolina. In the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region, without changes the climate would be like eastern Virginia's by century's end; with lower emissions, it would be more like Georgia's.

The Changing Northeast Climate: Our Choices, Our Legacy - Eight page summary of the report

Reducing Heat-Trapping Emissions in the Northeast - Two page fact sheet on climate solutions for the Northeast

Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast - Full Report

Hayden - Bad as They Seem.mp3 (Neiles Life)


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