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Saturday, September 24, 2005


I have college football fever. Well, just the Hokie strain. My alma mater is kicking some serious butt. This season they've outscored their opponents 161-23 and today's lonely touchdown by the Yellow Jackets is the first one allowed in 14 quarters since the opening drive of the season! The ABC televised game wasn't shown in my neck of the woods (wouldn't you think VT would be shown in VT?), so I went to the local sports bar, but to no avail (only Redsox and Tiger Woods). I ended up following it on ESPN's Gamecast. Crazy thing is this picture. It shows the score, but that's not the score! The real score is on the bar up top with all the others. Pretty crazy. But a blowout is a win. I just hope they don't follow what they've done so many times before.


  • At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hear USC is pretty good.

    USC has now won 25 straight, tying the Pac-10 and school record. The two-time defending national champions have won 11 straight games on the road. They recieved 59 out of 65 first place votes (the next in line was Texas with ALL 6).

    Be wary of WVa. Frank Beamer sure is "If I remember two years ago, we had a great win over Syracuse and were feeling very good about ourselves and we went up to West Virginia and got whacked in the nose."

  • At 10:45 AM, Blogger jds said…

    I've heard a similar line from Miami fans. But thankfully their reign is over.

    No doubt USC is pretty unstoppable. But what team gave them the hardest time in the past two seasons? VT. The momentum of that game changed because of one lousy call. Every VT fan is still bitter about that one.

    WV always has VT's card. No matter the season, WV, Syracuse, and BC are always extremely tough for the Hokies. Years when VT has manhandled LSU and Texas A&M they've still been taken apart by the Orange(men)! I'm far from cocky about VT; they are bound to repeat history (year-end implosion). I'm just happy that they've done so well so far.


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