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Monday, February 20, 2006


The word makes me instantly nostalgic for those jovial snowy days building tunnels with friends and then sipping cocoa while the cold weather outfit sat drying next to the crackling fire. It also makes me think of kittens.

Now the word means something different, but the feelings are still intact. Mittens is a three piece from Boston that play stripped down sugary melodic jangle pop. Their writing is as fun and infectious as their sound, filled with skillful humor and easily memorized choruses. Guitarist/vocalist Andy Brooks explains that someone once stated that they sounded like "a skiffle (jug band-style) Talking Heads -- and that made sense, though the Talking Heads were a much better band than we are."

In their four years they've created a bit of a stir around Boston - thanks to a lively show and a well received self-titled debut release (2005). Come March 25th they'll drop their second disc, Fools on a Holiday, on the masses. In this current climate of indie-pop (thanks New pornographers), I have a feeling that they are about to reach a much wider audience.

Mittens at MySpace

Mittens (limited release EP - 2002)
Mittens - Morning Comes.mp3

Mittens (2005, purchase from Insound)
Mittens - Belinda.mp3
Mittens - Big Decisions.mp3

Fools On A Holiday (2006)
Mittens - Leeway.mp3 (via The Phoenix)


  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger =A= said…

    It's a sad state when Mittens gets no play and a band like Arctic Monkeys somehow corners the market on blogosphere hysteria (not Def Leppard style, sadly). The nature of celebrity in the face of technology is too complicated for me to work out here but something about the internet lends itself to Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton news style bandwagoning, where the occasional deviation from the current (all definitions) gets swept away and overwhelmed. I added this comment here instead of the Arctic Monkeys post to try to restore the balance...


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